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Before we get started chatting about the new Weymouth Seaside Sauna – Revive Wild Sauna, it’s probably good to briefly explain ‘what is a seaside sauna?’ – well, it is as it says a sauna on the beach. And they seem to be popping up all over the west country and in Dorset. It’s the perfect combination of mixing heat and then cooling down in the sea afterwards and repeating that cycle for about an hour.

My first seaside sauna experience was at the Seaside Sauna Haus in Seatown, Dorset during the winter months. It was very dark and the sea was a bit wild, so I only went in the sea up to my ankles and didn’t quite get the full experience.

When I heard there was going to be a Weymouth seaside sauna called Revive Wild Sauna – I was very excited. So, when they ran a competition to win a session for friends – of course I was all over it. Well, lady luck was on my side, and I won a session for up to 8 people worth £72.

We had our seaside sauna experience with Revive Wild Sauna at the end of April on a Friday evening during their launch weekend. I chose 4 lovely ladies who I knew would be up for a new experience and didn’t mind getting sweaty with me.

Ladies that seaside saunaPin this image on Pinterest
Ladies that seaside sauna

Bowleaze Cove was the location for our session, the beautiful sauna was positioned in the far nook of the car park overlooking Weymouth Bay and we had one of those beautiful dreamy sunny evenings in Weymouth.

After a debrief by Emma we couldn’t wait to get into the brand-new sauna. The first thing that you notice is the most amazing panoramic views of Weymouth Bay – looking over to Portland. It really makes you appreciate Dorset.

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Views of Weymouth Bay & over to Portland

We spent about 10 minutes in the sauna catching up before heading down to the sea to cool off – it was end of April so the sea was still warming up, although you didn’t notice the cool temperatures after being in the heat of the sauna. We sauna and sea dipped a couple of times and before we knew it our session had come to an end.

It was a lovely way to spend a Friday evening – very sociable and doing something good for your mind and body. There are so many benefits to sauna life – you can see why the Scandinavian countries love it so much.

Revive Wild SaunaPin this image on Pinterest
Revive Wild Sauna
View of Revive Wild Sauna from the beachPin this image on Pinterest
View of Revive Wild Sauna from the beach

Whilst at the seaside sauna I caught up with one of the Revive Wild Sauna owners – Alex Sergison to chat all things seaside sauna and find out more about the new venture. You may recognise Alex – from running the well-known Jurassic SUP Club and Adventure 4 All.

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Revive Wild Sauna co-founder – Alex Sergison

So, Alex, what made you set up Revive Wild Sauna?

Well, it was a collaboration with myself, Katy my wife and Emma about all the things we’re into and passionate about. I grew up in Weymouth, swimming off Bowleaze Cove and Weymouth Beach and it’s just second nature to be in the water and we encourage our children to do the same.

Emma is about bringing it all together into the sauna culture and therapeutic side which I took for granted and she’s helped us take it to the next level and build a business out of it.

How did you decide on which location in Weymouth?

Once we came up with the idea, Katy my wife and I talked about it and the next day we bought a sauna without having a location! We bought the trailer in the UK, and the sauna was from Lithuania.

We’re going to be based at Bowleaze Cove all year round, we might run it down in the summer when it’s too hot and then pick things up in the autumn and over the winter. We’ll see how it goes.

And what’s the feedback been so far?

Before the launch weekend, we had my brother and some of the Weymouth Cross Fit crew pop down and test it out – they loved it. We’re learning all the time and want to keep things simple. You come down to Bowleaze, have a sauna and get in the sea.

We’ll look at guided saunas in the future, and we have some other ideas – perhaps a SUP and sauna as you can hire one of our SUPs from Bowleaze as well. Maybe even a fitness class on the beach and sauna – you’ll have to keep an eye on our socials.

All you need to know about Revive Wild Sauna:

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